Instrument varnishes
Instrument varnishes

Demonstration Video: Using the Alchemist Mediums


"Over the years I have painted mostly portraits in dry pastels. Until now, I am able to get the results I want using oils. Mixing your mediums with the oil paints lets me basically draw with the paint. Everyone should be using your Amber varnish and mediums, especially anyone with drawing skills and who has had trouble with the oil paint digging into the lower layers creating only mud.
Attached is a self portrait. This was my first attempt from start to finish with your products. I could only imagine what my work would look like had I ran into your products years ago."

Wayne E. Campbell (January, 2008)

Alchemist Mediums is proud to provide this video explaining the use of our products. We are grateful for the time and effort artist Wayne Campbell has put into making this video.

Alternatively, you may download a larger version of the video. In order to download the video, right click on the "Download Demo" link and select 'save target as' from the resulting menu. Choose a location on your computer to save the file and then press 'Save'. Download Demo - 119MB

You may order the full instructional video by emailing or call 1 (317) 512-1763.