Frank Mason internationally renowned painter. First American artist recipient of the cross of Merit for paintings sovereign military order of Malta, fine arts instructor, 55 years Art Students League New York, NY. website Frank Mason
Hand-carved basses meld traditional string instrument construction with unique design elements by Hannah Mayne. website Mayne Bass
David Ludwik Chrapkiewicz is a maker of a variety of violins, violas, and bows for the professional musician and serious student. website David's Violins
Kremer Pigments supplies raw materials for fine arts, conservation, woodfinishing and design. website Kremer Pigmente
Michael Price is a New York artist who works exclusively with natural and mineral pigments. For workshops through Kremer Pigments go to: website Michael Price
America's most complete source of books on music with over 700 titles, and a supplier of fine violins, violas, and cellos. website Timberwood
Artist Daily is where it's all art—all the time. We're a community of visual artists who share inspiration, ideas, and all parts of the art process. website
The Art Book, a quarterly magazine, offers lively and informative reading for a broad art community. It appeals to all those interested in the visual arts, including exhibitions, architecture, decorative arts, design, new media, photography and film. website
Providing committed painters, both experienced amateurs and professionals, with art projects and exercises designed to improve painting technique, plus practical guidance on the technical aspects and use of art materials. website

Artists who recommend Alchemist Mediums

Frank Mason
Elizabeth Brandon
Susan Budash
Connie Erickson
Peter Nisbet
Patrick Smith
James Sulkowski
Joseph Sulkowski
Sara Simboli

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